felt like colouring this sketch while i’m cooped up with a cold .. yeah


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sketched these pups on the train home tonight! pups I wanna pet. I wanna pet every pup

Dragon Age Dossier:
  ↳ An Eluvian

An Eluvian (Elvish for “seeing glass”) is a magical mirror. It is known to be a portal of some sort, and it can transmit the Blight disease. It was crafted by the elves of Arlathan to be used as portals for telecommunication and perhaps even teleportation between their cities, using a type of magic different from that of the modern Circle of Magi or even the Tevinter Imperium. After the fall of Arlathan, the Tevinter magisters attempted to unlock the secrets of the Eluvians, but all they could use them for was long-distance communication.

Title: Don't Look Back
Artist: Amarante
Album: Udana Prana (2013)
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Don’t Look Back | Amarante

There are so many mysteries I once dismissed as mere stories. But the line between our myths and truth is fragile and blurry. I need to find answers… I must understand.